Lindy Hop

My place in the scene so far: Swing Dancer - Competitor/Teacher/Dj/Photographer

What is Lindy Hop? Lindy Hop, born in the vibrant ballrooms of Harlem in the 1920s, is a swing dance that exudes joy and rhythmic energy. Characterized by its dynamic partner connection, improvisation, and playful footwork, Lindy Hop has a timeless appeal. My love for Lindy Hop goes beyond its infectious beats and intricate moves; it's a celebration of connection, freedom, and the rich history of jazz music and dance. In the dance's embrace, I find a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary expression, making Lindy Hop not just a hobby but a passionate journey through the soulful rhythms of swing.


Hard Knox '24 - 1st Place Open M&M w/ Andy Yong

California Balboa Classic '24 - Open M&M w/ Jonathan Ng

NYC Local Comp '23 - 2nd Place Strictly w/ Andy Lee

For Follows Sake '23 - 1st Place w/ Dominic Hanna, 2nd Place M&M, 2nd Place w/ Nii-Attoh [Fast Comp]

Baltimore Bounce '23 - 2nd Place w/ Andy Lee [Fast Comp]

Flying Home '23 - M&M Finals w/ Tom Yi, 1st Place w/ Andy Lee [Fast Comp]

International Lindy Hop Champs '23 - 5th place ALL-STAR Strictly w/ Andy Lee

Hard Knox '23 - 2nd Place Strictly w/ Jony Navarro, 3rd Place M&M w/ Nii-Attoh

Lindy Fest '23 - 2nd Place M&M w/ Kevin Nguyen, 2nd Place Balboa M&M w/ Andy Yong

California Balboa Classic '23 - 1st Place Am Strictly w/ Marvin Pan, Finalist for OPEN Balboa M&M

Lindy Focus '22 - 3rd Place Pro-Am w/ Jon Tigert

International Lindy Hop Champs '22 - 2nd Place Pro-Am w/ Anthony Chen, 3rd Place M&M w/ Andy Lee

Hard Knox '22 - Solo Jazz 3rd Place

Dayton Swing Smackdown '22 - 3rd Place M&M w/ Nick Tran, Solo Jazz Finalist

Lollies and Lemonade '20 - 2nd Place Strictly w/ Dan Brackmann

Swing into Spring '19 - 3rd Place M&M Newcomer


Triangle Swing Dance Society - Regular Teacher

Duke University - Guest instructor for Duke Swing Dance Club

Lindy Lab - Regular Teacher


Global Online Social - Monthly Virtual Swing dance

Track Town Swing - Virtual Swing Dance

Triangle Swing Dance Society - Local Dance Community

Lindy Focus - National Swing Dance Event

Lindy Fest Recap Video

FFS 23' - First Place w/ Dominic Hannah